Roche的RealTime Ready Cell Lysis Kit能在细胞溶菌液中直接进行基因表达,与Echo声波移液设备(Echo liquid handler)和Labcyte新开发的组织培养微孔板合用,研究者可以极大程度的简化高通量的qPCR分析。此过程可通过Labcyte公司的Access全自动微孔板预处理器(Access Workstation),将Echo liquid handler和LightCycler 480或LightCycler 1536仪器相整合,进行全自动操作。源于细胞的一步法基因表达现在可以精简成简单的自动化流程,显著提高生产力。

\"LightCycler 480和1536系统针对高通量基因检测、基因表达和基因变异分析设计。与市面上其他提供高于384孔板容量的高通量系统不同,LightCycler 1536允许单个孔到单个空的定位能力,并根据真实的qPCR性质进行优化。”qPCR/NAP系统的项目领导人Dr. Matthias Hinzpeter如是说。这个整合的平台可减少与基因表达图表相关的数据成本,将qPCR高效地融入药物研发的早期阶段。

\"Echo liquid handler使用声波能量转移精确到纳升级的样本、引物、探针和real-time PCR试剂。”Labcyte资深副主席Stephen Bates如是说。\"我们专利的声波移液技术消除了对枪头的需求,并完全消除了交叉污染的危险。我们Echo软件应用中对plate reformatting(微孔板重布局)和cherry picking(孔到孔转移)的简化,能满足对PCR布局灵活性的最大化需求,而没有固定的格式的限制。”


总部位于美国加州Sunnyvale的Labcyte是一家生产革命性移液系统的全球性生物技术公司。Echo声波移液系统(Echo liquid handling systems)使用声波来精确移液。Labcyte仪器在全世界范围内被全部的前十大制药公司采用,其用户也包括其他中小型制药公司、生物技术公司、合同研究机构(CRO)和学术机构。Labcyte客户的工作范围遍布宽广的生物学领域,包括药物开发、基因组学、蛋白质组学、诊断学、影像质谱和活细胞转移。Labcyte拥有44个美国专利、8个欧洲专利、5个日本专利和1个中国专利,另外还有一些美国和国际专利正在申请中。更多信息,请参考

Labcyte仪器的中国区总代理为:上海典奥生物科技有限公司。主要产品有:1)Echo非接触式纳升级声波移液系统(Echo Liquid Handler);2)Access全自动微孔板预处理系统(Access Worksation);3)POD 810全自动微孔板预处理系统(POD Automation Platform);4)Portrait 630试剂反应多功能观测器;5)Deerac GX系列移液处理器;和6)Deerac LX 系列试剂分液器等。

Roche and Labcyte Integrate Echo and LightCycler Systems to Increase Performance of qPCR-based RNA/DNA Analyses

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec 06, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Roche and Labcyte Inc. will cooperate around high-speed, miniaturized quantitative PCR (qPCR) to monitor the expression of tens to thousands of genes for therapeutic research.

The RealTime ready Cell Lysis kit from Roche enables gene expression directly from cell lysates. Coupled with Echo(R) liquid handlers and newly-released tissue culture microplates from Labcyte, researchers can greatly simplify high-throughput qPCR analyses. This process can be fully automated using the Access(TM) Workstation from Labcyte which integrates the Echo liquid handler with either the LightCycler 480 or LightCycler 1536 Instrument. Gene expression profiles derived in a one-step process directly from cells can now be streamlined into a simple automated workflow, significantly increasing productivity.

\"The LightCycler 480 and 1536 Systems are designed for high-throughput gene detection, gene expression, and genetic variation analysis. Unlike other high throughput systems on the market that offer greater than 384 well capability, the Lightcycler 1536 allows for individual well to well addressability and optimization due to its true qPCR nature,\" said Dr. Matthias Hinzpeter, Project Leader qPCR/NAP Systems. \"This integrated platform reduces data costs associated with gene expression profiling, allowing efficient incorporation of qPCR into the early stages of drug discovery.\"

\"The Echo liquid handlers use acoustic energy to transfer precise nanoliter volumes of samples, primers, probes and real-time PCR reagents,\" said Stephen Bates, Labcyte Senior Vice President. \"Our patented acoustic dispensing eliminates the need for pipette tips and completely removes the risk of cross contamination. The simplicity of plate reformatting and cherry picking features in our Echo software applications suite maximizes PCR layout flexibility without fixed format constraints.\"

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