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Bio-Rad/CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System #1854095/1854095/
  • Bio-Rad/CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System #1854095/1854095/

Bio-Rad/CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System #1854095/1854095/

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成立日期:1952年Bio Rad伯乐首席执行官:Norman Schwartz总公司地址:Hercules, California经营范围:生命科学研究和临床诊断联合销售额:21亿美元 (2014年)全球员工人数:7600名Bio Rad公司成立于1952,公司服务于生命科学研究和临床诊断的客户通过其全球网络,业务遍及全球。在它的存在,Bio-Rad公司已建立的客户关系,提高公司的研发力量长期支持创新的产品和解决方案,加快发现过程
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Modular thermal cycler platform, includes C1000 Touch™ Thermal Cycler Chassis, CFX96™ Deep Well Optical Reaction Module, cables


Use the CFX96 Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System for precise, reproducIBLe real-time PCR. The system is composed of the CFX96 Deep Well Optical Reaction Module and the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler Chassis. The module is a member of the family of interchangeable reaction modules that can be used with the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler Chassis for PCR and real-time PCR. All modules can be quickly inserted and removed from the cycler chassis without tools.

Features and Benefits

  • Deep wells for large volumes
  • Detection of up to 5 targets per well, plus a channel dedicated to singleplex FRET
  • Protocol autowriter that generates an optimal protocol for your reaction components
  • Thermal grADIent that identifies optimal annealing temperature in a single run

The CFX96 Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System has six independently controlled thermal electric units providing even, precisely controlled temperatures at all times during the run, including ramping. The reduced mass of the honeycomb block provides fast ramping and reduced settling time (time to achieve thermal uniformity).

The optical system, with six filtered LEDs and six filtered photodiodes, collects data from all wells, detecting up to five targets per well. For single-color FAM and SYBR® Green I, the fast scan option reads single-channel fluorescence in all 96 wells in just 3 seconds. A channel with an LED filter–photodiode combination is dedicated to FRET singleplex experiments.

The large touch-screen interface has intuitive graphical programming and displays data traces in real time. The programmable thermal grADIent feature can test eight temperatures at once to quickly determine the optimal annealing temperature, and the protocol autowriter quickly optimizes reactions, generating an optimal protocol based on your polymerase, primers, and product length.

Product Components

  • C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler Chassis (1841100)
  • CFX96 Deep Well Optical Reaction Module (1840197)
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual

Configuration Options

The following modules can be used with the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler Chassis:

Reaction Modules Catalog Number

Module Module with Starter Package*
For PCR  
Dual 48/48 Fast Reaction Module 1840148
96-Well Fast Reacton Module
96–Deep Well Reaction Module 1840197
384-Well Reaction Module 1840138
For Real-Time PCR

CFX96 Optical Reaction Module 1845097 1845096
CFX96 Deep Well Optical Reaction Module 1844095 1844096
CFX384™ Optical Reaction Module 1845385 1845384

*Starter package contains SsoAdvanced™ Universal SYBR® Green Supermix (1725270), Microseal® 'B' Adhesive Seals (MSB1001), and Hard-Shell® Low-Profile Thin-Wall 96-Well Skirted PCR Plates (HSP9601) or Hard-Shell Thin-Wall 384-Well Skirted PCR Plates (HSP3805).

The CFX96 Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System can be configured with other PCR instruments, allowing stand-alone or software control. Instrument permutations allow up to four different CFX Connect™, CFX96, or CFX384 Systems to be controlled by one PC.

Combine any two CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems with the CFX Automation System II, our robotic plate handler, to create a high-throughput, automated real-time PCR system with a compact footprint.

Service Plans and Validation Tools for CFX Systems

  • Ensure that your real-time PCR systems are functioning optimally with Bio-Rad Expert Care Service; choose from several service plans to keep your CFX Automation System II up and running its best
  • Certify system installation and validate system performance with CFX System IQ/OQ Services and CFX Automation System II IQ/OQ Services
  • Verify the performance of your CFX Systems with Thermal Validation Services and the CFX Qualification Plates

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  • PCR plastics optimized for CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems:
    • Hard-Shell 96-Well Low Profile Skirted PCR Plates including barcoded plates (HSP9955)
    • Microseal 'B' Adhesive Seals (MSB1001)
    • Optically Clear Heat Seals (1814030)
  • CFX Maestro Software, Security Edition, for compliance with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
  • CFX Qualification Plate for performance verification, 96-well  (1845098)

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  • Real-Time PCR Detection Systems
  • PCR Reagents and qPCR Reagents
  • PCR Plastic Consumables
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  • PCR Analysis Software

Supporting Documents

  • CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System Specifications Sheet
  • CFX96 Touch and CFX96 Touch Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection Systems Installation Quick Guide
  • CFX96 Touch, CFX96 Touch Deep Well, and CFX384 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection Systems Instruction Manual
  • Optical Design of CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System Eliminates the Requirement of a Passive Reference Dye Application Note
  • Real-Time PCR Applications Guide

Online Resources

  • Real-Time PCR Detection Systems Selection Chart
  • qPCR/Real-Time PCR
  • qPCR Instrumentation


Thermal Cycler  
Chassis C1000 Touch™
Maximum ramp rate, °C/sec 2.5
Average ramp rate, °C/sec 2
Heating and cooling method Peltier
Lid, °C Heats up to 105
Range, °C 0–100
Accuracy, °C ±0.2 of programmed target at 90°C
Uniformity, °C ±0.4 well-to-well within 10 sec of arrival at 90°C
Operational range, °C 30–100
Programmable span, °C 1–24
Optical Detection  
Excitation 6 filtered LEDs
Detection 6 filtered photodiodes
Range of excitation/emission wavelengths, nm 450–730
Sensitivity Detects 1 copy of target sequence in human genomic DNA
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude
Scan Time  
All channels, sec 12
FAM/SYBR® Green only, sec 3
Operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7
Multiplex analysis Up to 5 targets per well
Licensed for real-time PCR Yes
Sample capacity, wells 96
Sample size, µl 10–125
Communication interface USB 2.0
Electrical approvals IEC, CE
Dimensions (W x D x H), cm/in 33 x 46 x 36/13 x 18 x 14
Weight, kg/lb 21/47


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蚂蚁淘(www.ebiomall.com)是中国大陆目前唯一的生物医疗科研用品B2B跨境交易平台, 该平台由多位经验丰富的生物人和IT人负责运营。蚂蚁淘B2B模式是指客户有采购意向后在蚂蚁 淘搜索全球供应信息,找到合适的产品后在蚂蚁淘下单,然后蚂蚁淘的海外买手进行跨境采购、 运输到中国口岸,最后由蚂蚁淘国内团队报关运输给客户...
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  • 一壶泊酒 2018-01-22
    嘿beatles 2018-01-29
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    xinlv 2018-01-25
  • 梦风儿698 2017-10-27
    冰箱 制冰机 灭菌锅 摇床 移液枪 pcr仪 离心机 分光光度计 纯水系统 水浴锅等
    本回答由网友推荐 2017-10-30
  • 成名仪器公司 2017-10-27
    普通PCR还是RT-PCR?普通的我没有使用过,现在用的是赛默飞的RT-PCR 7500,平时做些试剂盒,使用频率不高,目前使用良好。就是安装地线比较麻烦。   显示更多
    普通PCR还是RT-PCR?普通的我没有使用过,现在用的是赛默飞的RT-PCR 7500,平时做些试剂盒,使用频率不高,目前使用良好。就是安装地线比较麻烦。   收起
    摆渡之士 2017-10-27
  • 含情脉脉FWg1 2017-10-27
    PCR(聚合酶链式反应)是利用DNA在体外摄氏95°高温时变性会变成单链,低温(经常是60°C左右)时引物与单链按碱基互补配对的原则结合,再调温度至DNA聚合酶最适反应温度(72°C左右),DNA聚合酶沿着磷酸到五碳糖(5'-3')的方向合成互补链。基于聚合酶制造的PCR仪实际就是一个温控设备,能在...   显示更多
    PCR(聚合酶链式反应)是利用DNA在体外摄氏95°高温时变性会变成单链,低温(经常是60°C左右)时引物与单链按碱基互补配对的原则结合,再调温度至DNA聚合酶最适反应温度(72°C左右),DNA聚合酶沿着磷酸到五碳糖(5'-3')的方向合成互补链。基于聚合酶制造的PCR仪实际就是一个温控设备,能在变性温度,复性温度,延伸温度之间很好地进行控制。   收起
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  • wrry910 2017-10-27
    1、按 PCR 仪正面左下角电源开关,启动 PCR 仪。2、放 PCR 离心管,先把顶盖向上扳,再往前推,露出放样孔,PCR 管放入前应加好反应体系各组分,再放入 PCR 离心管。3、反向重复第二步骤将顶盖板向后拉,盖好顶盖。4、按 F2“Create”新建一个扩增的 PCR 程序。5、按控制台面右...   显示更多
    1、按 PCR 仪正面左下角电源开关,启动 PCR 仪。2、放 PCR 离心管,先把顶盖向上扳,再往前推,露出放样孔,PCR 管放入前应加好反应体系各组分,再放入 PCR 离心管。3、反向重复第二步骤将顶盖板向后拉,盖好顶盖。4、按 F2“Create”新建一个扩增的 PCR 程序。5、按控制台面右方上下左右方向键,可随意移动编辑位置,输入需要的温度、时间、循环数等。6、据 PCR 离心管中加入的反应体积总量,在“Reaction volume”后输入相应数值,有 Std“1~100ul”和 9600“1~50ul”两档可供选择。7、按 F1“Start”启动8、按“INFO”对应键查看 PCR 结束键。9、扩增完成后按台面左方“Stop”键退出。10、按“Hist”,可查看上次扩增的历史记录。11、完全退出后,按台面左下方电源开关,拔出插销,切断电源。   收起
    chen94532 2017-10-30
  • 1、仪器性能:进口PCR以,和国产的PCR仪,在技术和使用性能上基本上没有多大的差别,比如:升降温速率,孔间温差,温度均一性,梯度温度范围,热盖温度等性能指标,国内外仪器基本达到了相同水平。而其差别主要是在功能上的差别,价格确实相差几倍。2、仪器功能:进口和国产仪器主要功能:如保存,过温保护,断电保...   显示更多
    1、仪器性能:进口PCR以,和国产的PCR仪,在技术和使用性能上基本上没有多大的差别,比如:升降温速率,孔间温差,温度均一性,梯度温度范围,热盖温度等性能指标,国内外仪器基本达到了相同水平。而其差别主要是在功能上的差别,价格确实相差几倍。2、仪器功能:进口和国产仪器主要功能:如保存,过温保护,断电保护,热盖功能等基本上是一样的,只是附带功能上有所差别,比如:进口的显示屏是大型的触摸式荧屏操作,国产的大多是触摸键,荧屏显示操作,进口仪器有的可以升级为荧光定量PCR仪,而国产的目前主要是专用机。而这些仪器附带功能的差别大多都是最近两年新推出来的,价格确是相差几倍。有的进口仪器没有这些附带的特殊功能,从性能和功能上比有的等于或低于国产的。   收起
    本回答由网友推荐 2017-10-30
  • 破鬼鬼su6 2017-10-25
    zheng55800416 2017-10-31
  • 梯度PCR可以让不同的孔有不同温度,比如横向有12个孔。退火温度可以从低到高。普通PCR的孔所有温度是一样的。
    heiguzi1988 2017-11-04
  • sen2029 2017-10-25
    国产的最好的当属博日PCR了,他们是大和热磁的子公司,他们pcr的核心部件半导体就是大和热磁生产的,比一些进口pcr用的材质都要好很多的,我们是博日的签约代理商。 当然了,不是我们代理他们东西就说他们的好,另外还有朗基,依科赛等也不错。   显示更多
    国产的最好的当属博日PCR了,他们是大和热磁的子公司,他们pcr的核心部件半导体就是大和热磁生产的,比一些进口pcr用的材质都要好很多的,我们是博日的签约代理商。 当然了,不是我们代理他们东西就说他们的好,另外还有朗基,依科赛等也不错。   收起
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